Would You Swap £3,000 for £1,300,000 in Sales Revenue?

When it comes to working with a business consultant or coach, it is vital that they are credible and invested in your journey. Too many coaches are willing to promote themselves to everyone and anyone, offering their “expertise” irrespective of the client need, challenge or objective.

For us, this is not the right way to go about working with clients. In fact, we turn down around 10% of all approaches as they don’t fit our way of working – perhaps the objectives aren’t the right ones, the owner is unwilling to try new things, or that they don’t like us (or we don’t like them). The good news is that this situation means that we can dedicate more time to the 70% of prospects that do engage with us, and are those we can (and want to) help.

Yes, there is about 20% of the market that talk to us and then decide not to proceed – but that is their prerogative. We are confident that we know what we can add to our clients’ businesses, and with one we have helped them to increase their sales revenue by over £1.3m in just 4 months – and to do so has cost them just under £3,000!

So if you are looking at ways to increase your sales revenue, improve your profitability or generally get more from your business, drop an email into [email protected] or head over to to book your free discovery call.

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