Why You Need to Deliver “World Class Service” in Your Business

It doesn’t matter what business you run – to be the best in your field, your customers would come back to you time and time again knowing that no-one else in your sector is as good as you are. But how do you get them to “feel” that you are the best?

It is simple.

It is a case of delivering “World Class Service” in whatever it is you do.

Imagine you are searching for a restaurant in a town far away. What would you do?

The simple response is that you would search online, check some menus, realise what the food type was and the value (perceived quality v cost) and then book. You would get an email confirmation, and then you would basically turn up, eat, drink, pay the bill and leave. You may leave a tip and perhaps even an online review (if it was exceptionally good – or bad!). But is that “World Class Service”?

Now imagine you experience the following when you start looking:

  • One restaurant has videos and interactive menus with images of the decor, the team and the food on their website
  • When you book, you get your email confirmation and the following day, you also receive a personalised video from the owner/chef thanking you for your booking and telling you more about the dining experience you will receive
  • Perhaps a day or so later, you get another email with a video, or attachment pointing you to local hotels, or things to do in the city if you were making a day of it
  • When you arrive, you are greeted by name, by the person who sent you the video (or your personal waiter/waitress for the evening) who understands all the intracacies of your booking
  • You eat, drink and then leave
  • The following day, you get another email with a video from the owner/chef, thanking you for visiting, and commenting specifically on things you ate, drank or discussed (whilst asking you to feedback any improvements that they can work on)

Now how does that feel? More likely to refer your friends, maybe revisit or at least offer an online review.

This, my friends is how this restaurant, with our help, has moved to deliver “World Class Service” and we can help you do this in your business – making you the best company in your sector.

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