Will GainMore Solutions be a Good Fit for my Business?

This is a great question and one that many of our prospects and clients have prior to making the final decision as to whether or not to engage with us more formally.

Whilst we would love to say that we are the perfect fit for any business, the real truth is that…..


And we are quite proud of that for two key reasons.

  1. We want to work with businesses that we know we can help. If the solution to a business’ problem is a simple one, and we can assist them to get to the answer during our initial discovery call (book your free 30 minute consultation here) then we have done our job – we never aim to stretch the relationship with the client beyond what is necessary
  2. We know that we can help lots of businesses, but we also know that we can’t help around as many. This may be due to their needs being so specific, or maybe they want things that we are not skilled in – or maybe it is that we don’t “click” with the stakeholders – all of these are fine.

We know that our clients love working with us, and we get results time and time again for them, however we cannot ensure our performance will fit your business every time and that is why we only take on around 40% of any of the clients that approach us.

For us to be a great partnership, we look for clients who are:

  • Struggling with challenge/s in their business
  • Looking to improve their operational and/or commercial performance
  • Open to sharing information to get the best consultancy
  • Happy to think differently about how to do things

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