Case Study

Managing Third Parties Analytically

Overview of the Situation 

The client, a home security manufacturer, used multiple agencies to deliver training and sales campaigns to stores across Europe however due to the nature and geography, there was a need to rely on the local agency in each country to provide the operational strategy and reporting. 

The Problem They Faced

The central programme lead, based in the UK, needed to have sight of each country’s performance both in isolation and in comparison, with other markets. Being able to see, in one view, how each country was working against key performance indicators was vital to being able to standardise decision making and take critical and commercial action.

The Causes of the Problem

Historically each country had been tasked within finding a local supplier for their retail sales programmes – which they had all done. However, with no “joined-up thinking”, this led to multiple suppliers with significantly different processes, operations and reporting systems. 

The Impact of the Problem

The challenge for the brand was that to get each market to be measured the same way, they either needed to enforce one system on all their partners or combine their partners’ data into one system. With each country having the desire to maintain full control of their programme, it meant that any change had to be handled sensitively and with the least operational disruption as possible.

The Promise / Plan

Our solutions were designed to:

  • Create a central repository for data management and representation
  • Connect through upload or automation a regular feed of sales and operational data in native form
  • Design and implement an analytical platform of data, focused on key performance indicators
  • Provide the brand a view on the data at multiple levels
  • Support business decision making with robust and critical data interrogation

The Outcome 

For the project, we delivered:

  • A European-wide reporting platform designed to provide the brand with all the necessary information 
  • A regular update of data feeds from each market
  • A self-service platform for the brand contact to review the live data when they wanted to
  • A method to add in more countries, globally, as the programme grows
“Using the data management and reporting provided, we were able to gain both a quick snapshot and a detailed review of the performance of our suppliers across Europe. This enabled us to benchmark data across markets and for the first time, be able to challenge our suppliers to improve their performance.”

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