Case Study

Launching Products In Retail

Overview of the Situation

The brand was very well known both in its own industry but also with the general population, due to its significant portfolio and ATL spend. Their marketing programme was to support the launch of each new product and despite their brand value and customer awareness, every new line listed by a retailer in their categories had to drive an immediate impact.

The Problem They Faced

The new products were being launched into a highly competitive market, one where brand loyalty was strong. This was the case even within subcategories of the sector, meaning that their own existing customers would probably not transfer their purchases across to the new products despite them being from the same company.

Therefore, it was vital that the retail installation of the new product portfolio was implemented correctly, that store staff understood the brand and the products and the importance of maintaining price and promotional compliance.

The Causes of the Problem

As store teams are time poor and are met with a significant number of field sales representatives from various brands it was vital to stand out, be simple to understand and important for stores to see the value to the retailer in promoting the range.

The Impact of the Problem

Failing to achieve significant sales would result in a range reduction in the brand ultimately leading to a potential discontinuation of the range – this would potentially raise further concerns with other slower selling products from the brand.

The Promise / Plan

Our commitment to the brand was to:

  • Visit all 400 stores listing the range within two days of the launch
  • Implement the appropriate on-shelf merchandising
  • Train the department teams on the value of the product and the range
  • Ensure positional compliance for each of the products in the range

The Outcome

The programme delivered:

  • 98% on shelf compliance for the brand launch (the 2% error was in supply shortage)
  • Over 1,100 members of staff trained on the brand proposition
  • Additional £2.1m turnover in the first 12 months
  • Confirmation from the retailer that this launch was the most impressive that calendar year
“James is a creative, big picture thinker with a high degree of business acumen. He works to understand the client’s needs and then can offer efficient solutions. His Retail background stands him in good stead to understand the customers’ needs and to deliver a business model that is both realistic and meets the requirements.”

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