Overview of the Situation

The field marketing agency was struggling to identify and be included in new tenders for companies within the sectors they worked in. Whilst they had individuals with new business focus, there was a lack of networking which resulted in the business missing upcoming opportunities and also limited engagement with companies who could be buyers in the medium-long term.

The Problem They Faced

The business needed to grow in terms of both revenue and new clients, especially when looking at income growth as well as reducing client risk. With an industry worth over £300m, they held around £8m turnover however they were not being included in the tens of millions of business opportunities being transferred between clients each year. 

The Causes of the Problem

There was a lack of networking, especially in the optimum areas and with the right people in order to position the business as an agency to be working with. There was also a lack of focused PR activity to make noise for the agency within the industry.

The Impact of the Problem

The concern for the business was the lack of new clients and revenue being brought into the business which was inhibiting growth and not supporting the reduction of risk on existing clients.

The Promise / Plan

We promised to:

  • Network on behalf of the client, as a third party, allowing them a second bite at the opportunity where applicable
  • Present the credentials to key stakeholders within the industry
  • Support the business on their cost models and represent them at client pitches where applicable

The Outcome

During our short contract with the client, we were able to:

  • Introduce them to 14 new prospects
  • Get them included on two key seven figure tenders
  • Position them for over £8m of new business that they would not been part of

“I have a long-standing professional working relationship with James spanning various agencies and projects. He brings structure & focus to teams, with a tenacious & methodical, outcome orientated approach to client service delivery.
James has an eye for detail, whether that be data, process, or budget analysis. Combining this with getting under the skin of client requirements, failure is just not a word in James’ terminology.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use James or GainMore when the opportunity arises, he is a professional, hardworking, team player, with a fantastic attitude & sense of humour. Combine that with all the knowledge gained across FMCG & CE, he’s a formidable ‘new business’ force to be reckoned with.”

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