Case Study

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Overview of the Situation

Window repair business had sufficient passing business, but not enough to ensure future financial stability, thus not providing confidence about business growth.

The Problem They Faced

Whilst the business was getting both repeat and new customers, there wasn’t a significant number each week to provide a plan to grow the business and look to recruit. 

The Causes of the Problem

The business owner was very good at the job and reverted to working “in” the business rather than “on” it as a rule. The perception was that jobs were quicker when done by himself and he found himself working late most evenings and most weekends responding to quotes after he had been out with clients all day. The lack of vision and ability to change the work methods had become the biggest challenge he faced as it was deemed too difficult to change.

The Impact of the Problem

Not fixing the challenges he faced was leading to an inability to earn more money, get better feedback for marketing purposes, complete more high-quality work and personally was increasing the stress and health issues the owner was having.

The Promise / Plan

Our plan covered several key changes:

  • Identify a way to bring apprentice support that was focused, dedicated, quick-to-learn and could be independent (to initially release pressure and then work as a second arm of the business)
  • Implement a method of onboarding new starters so that the induction process was quick, effective, and allowed the team to grow at speed
  • Insist that no work was being done after 7pm and that weekends were out of bounds
  • Create a sales growth plan for when the team was at the correct size and skill level

The Outcome

After working with us for twelve weeks, the client:

  • Had grown his team by two fitters and were recruiting two more
  • Had sent one of his new fitters out to work on his own, on small jobs
  • Increased his revenue by £5,000 per month (peaked at £28,000 in best month)
  • Not worked a weekend for seven weeks, and regularly finished work no later than 5.30pm

“GainMore Solutions were extremely helpful in their honest approach of my business challenges. Whilst it was difficult at times to hear the things that we needed to change, we were at the point where we needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at what we were doing and help us to take control again. We committed to do what we were advised, and saw an increase in customers and profit within 7 days. More importantly, I am now working less hours, and getting to spend quality time with my family. Thank you!”

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