How Planning Your Work Makes You More Successful

End Your Working Day By 8.43am…Every Single Day


I’m a morning person.

I appreciate that this makes me different to others. Those that are more effective during the twilight hours (we know that the afternoons are tough for everyone!)

Being a morning person allows me to get more done – well at least I think it does.

And that is why I spend several mornings each week doing nothing but planning what I want to happen in my business.

Normally I do this every Monday, Wednesday (although this can slip at times) and Friday (this is the easiest one for me to do as I use this to plan the following weeks’ workload) and spend 60-90 minutes with my mobile switched off, and my email inbox closed.

This time gives me the opportunity to really work “on my business.”

Yes, it may seem that I could be doing things that satisfy my current clients or my team, but that is what the rest of the day is for.

This time is for me to plot. Plot the course that I want the business to take.

This time is for me to plan. Plan the actions that I need to take to achieve the goals I set each week.

This time is for me to do.

Do the things that set me apart from the competition, get me more perfect clients, and develop my services that help them to achieve their financial and personal goals quicker and easier.

I have been doing this regularly for the past three years and never before have I been happier in my business.

Yes, happier.

And more successful.

If you want this type of outcome for your business, and your life in general, take scheduled time away from “doing the do” and start to focus on the bigger picture.

Uninterrupted. Regular. Consistent.

And if you don’t believe me, and want more proof, check out this book which will explain in greater detail why this works – Nigel Botterill – Build Your Business in 90 Minutes A Day.

You’ll thank me within the first six months of doing this consistently.

I promise.

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