How Much Does A Business Consultant Cost?

It’s difficult to put an exact price on the services that a business consultant delivers due to the many factors that they may encounter on each type of activity. Some of the work that they do will be project-based and therefore their charge will be related to the complexity of the project and the time it takes to deliver.

However some business consultants work with their clients on a monthly basis supporting them with as many business challenges as the company wants to put forward and therefore the unit cost is lower but they pay on a monthly basis.

When choosing a business consultant it’s important to understand whether the consultant is working on an ongoing assignment with you, for instance, monthly for the next 12 months or has been brought in to focus on just one area of your business. The latter would potentially provide a higher one-off cost but what would be more suitable as you would only need them to come into your business, help you with that one issue and then you wouldn’t need them any more.

At GainMore we work with clients on both monthly ongoing projects as well as one-off issue-focused support programmes. Ultimately our role is to provide our clients with the most appropriate service level for their needs. There is no value in us charging clients monthly well into the future if the projects will only take a matter of weeks.

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