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Overview of the Situation

Global computing brand were looking to create a method to drive brand advocacy in both retailer and enterprise channels. The aim was to provide one solution that fitted both sectors, but deliver a unique approach to achieve the overall goals. They had an existing process for both, as separate and combined channels, however this process was dated and had not been reinvented for several years. 

The Problem They Faced

The brand needed to provide a fun, interactive and informative way to position the brand and the products within the portfolio. As a company perceived as being fairly “corporate” they also need to create a departure from what they normally delivered. Therefore, the need was to develop, design, implement and maintain a new training method that set the brand apart from the marketplace, increasing brand advocacy for both retail staff and the enterprise account teams within the target market.

The Causes of the Problem

The challenge for the brand was that as a market leader, they had been in receipt of strong sales for many years. This had resulted in them not innovating enough to drive sales for the future. The expectation was that the results from history would continue to be seen for the next decade. This was not an apathy or a refusal to innovate – more that there was not a perceived requirement to create something new currently.

The Impact of the Problem

With competition not only becoming more innovative, but also having the ability to spend more marketing investment to engage and influence the marketplace, the gap between the brand and the competition had closed quickly over the previous eighteen months. Unfortunately, the inertia from the brand needed a kickstart to compete and maintain their market share – failure to do this would easily result in a loss of market share, customers and ultimately revenue.

The Promise / Plan

Our solutions were designed to:

  • Provide a connected solution for both sides of the clients’ portfolio and deliver key messages across products and technologies.
  • Focus within the retail channel on product placement, stock availability and in-store 121 training programmes designed to educate retailers on simplifying the solution for the customer.
  • Provide the enterprise sector a programme that targeted driving brand acceptance, ahead of the competition and providing ongoing technical support on integrating the different products and platforms to the individual need of each business.

The Outcome

For the project, completed in a challenging marketplace, with critical financial investment and an impending price war, we delivered: 

  • a 6% market share increase across the clients’ overall business,
  • a 14% increase in customer awareness
  • Several six figure enterprise investments (supported by the ongoing support we provided)
“The team truly understood the picture of the market and were able to provide real insight in both what the brand should and shouldn’t do. Despite the tough requests, they very rarely said no – which from my experience of FM companies is strange.”

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