Case Study

Mitigating Risk Through Compliance

Overview of the Situation

The health and beauty brand was investing money with a major supermarket to ensure that its promotional campaign generated sufficient sales to create significant return on investment.

The Problem They Faced

The brand had delivered hundreds of promotional campaigns within the nominated retailer however this was a departure in that they wanted their range to be displayed on a promotional end within the grocery section, with the aim of it being seen by more potential customers. To enable this, they had to provide the retailer with greater promotional funding support, thus risking the profitability of the promotion.

The Causes of the Problem

The challenge for the brand was that due to the very nature that it was a health and beauty brand and that stores, despite being instructed to follow central guidance, would not allow their products to be displayed on areas normally used for grocery products.

The Impact of the Problem

Failing to display on the grocery promotional area would result in less customers seeing the offer, and therefore less sales. It would also cause problems for the brand-retailer relationship as the additional funding would not have been justified.

The Promise / Plan

Our commitment to the brand was to:

  • Visit all 400 stores stocking the promotion on the day of launch
  • Record the location of the promotion
  • Discuss moving any incorrect displays to be compliant
  • Report back to the brand a store-by-store report which highlighted, with pictures, any compliance errors

The Outcome

The programme delivered:

  • 95% of stores visited within the first 24 hours (100% within 36 hours)
  • Full report on all 400 stores in terms of compliance, stock availability and inventory levels
  • Breakdown of the level of both promotional and location compliance
  • Data that enabled the brand to recover a significant amount of their additional investment from the retailer due to the poor merchandising
“While James was initially brought in because of his extensive retail experience and in-depth knowledge of retailer operational practices, we soon realised that he was an excellent leader as well! From day one he controlled and motivated a very large team, with a wide variety of skills and training needs. Always unflappable and with a keen eye for detail James did outstanding work in challenging conditions and forged valuable relationships across a variety of organisations.”

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