Overview of the Situation

An aspiring entrepreneur had recently left his job as a salesman for commercial trucks as he had a desire and passion for training people. This was a complete start up and a venture full of risk as he was the main earner within the family and whilst he was confident that he would be successful, he was using his personal funds to grow his own future.

The Problem They Faced

Having never set up or structured a business, the entrepreneur had a great idea, lots of energy and a passion to succeed, but struggled to understand how he would find customers, what his pricing structure should be, and what the topics of his training should be. 

The Causes of the Problem

The biggest cause was a lack of experience in how to run a small business – historically he had always worked in a corporation where he implemented others plans and processes.

The Impact of the Problem

The sole challenge was that failing to succeed would cause not only financial problems for the business owner (and his family) but would also mean a need to move back into an employed role, and this would probably be at a lower salary level than the one he left.

The Promise / Plan

Our promise was that after working with GainMore, the business owner would:

  • Have a clear understanding of what structure his business needed to have
  • Be planning a roadmap of services that the market needed, having reviewed his competition
  • Create his own niche within his area of expertise (transport) 
  • Develop an extending portfolio of training programmes to broaden customer base
  • Establish a on and offline marketing process which leveraged social strategies

The Outcome

After a short programme working with us, the business had:

  • Engaged with 40+ clients and had over 25% returning as repeat customers
  • Secured transport training with three of the largest logistics companies in the area
  • Expanded training programmes to include first aid, mindfulness and general health and safety
  • Created partnerships with several companies who provided complimentary solutions
  • Developed and recorded a top 10 ranked training-focused podcast series
“It is clear that the experience that James and GainMore have in helping start up companies like ours has moved us into a higher gear quicker than we could have without his help. His knowledge of how to get the right things done, without fuss, and ensuring we focus on the things that really grow a business has been invaluable to get us to where we are now.”

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