Case Study

Aligning Sales With Sports Promotion

Overview of the Situation

A well-known wine company were sponsoring a UK-based multi-site sports event across several months and were looking to provide sales into location in and around each location to tie in with their sponsorship and increase brand presence.

The Problem They Faced

Whilst they had agreements in each of the venues, there was a need to ensure significant presence in both on and off trade establishments within a predefined area around the grounds.

The Causes of the Problem

The biggest challenge for the brand is that whilst within the off-trade sector, they could influence purchases with promotions through local wholesale retailers, for the on-trade the opportunities were more limited due to the existence and prevalence of chains, who bought through their own buying groups. Therefore, if the brands’ products weren’t listed to buy, it was highly unlikely for the landlord to purchase them.

The Impact of the Problem

For the brand to miss out on sales, outside of the venues, would significantly harm the overall financial position and undo a lot of the work that had been targeted from the sports sponsorship.

The Promise / Plan

Our team were primed to:

  • Visit all the retailers, public houses, independent hotels, and restaurants within a 5-mile radius of each venue
  • Sell into each outlet a promotional offer which enabled enough stock to last for the duration of the event
  • Provide each buyer with significant promotional material to create brand awareness on shelf
  • Train each outlet contact on the benefits of the brand, beyond the sporting event

The Outcome

During the summer programme we:

  • Completed work in five cities
  • Visited over 15,000 outlets
  • Sold over 22,500 cases
  • Created over 3,700 new distribution points
“Being able to understand the key levers in a sales-focused team is something that few people truly have. James managed to take a remote sales team operation and ensure that he optimised the way the team worked to convert as many opportunities as possible. There were countless challenges throughout the campaign, most of which were predicted and planned for – something that gave the business huge confidence from day 1.”

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